Crowdsourcing To Cause An Overnight Sensation: Screaming Goat

As the idiom goes, “Two heads are better than one,” and now, with the power of internet crowdsourcing, we can see that a million heads are better than two! Crowdsourcing isn’t a new technique, of course, but the internet, along with social media outlets such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are making it much easier to connect to the very people that drive a brand forward.

Doritos has been running the “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign for 6 years now. This year, after combing through 6,200 video entries, Doritos offered its five finalists the chance to win a $1 million prize if their commercial concept hit the number one spot on the USA TodayAdMeter. This year the winners were also incentivized with the chance to work with The Lonely IslandSNL comedian Andy Samberg’s musical trio. How’s that for an incentive!?

There were two winners, “Sling Baby” and “Goat 4 Sale”. We are going to focus on the hilarious “Goat 4 Sale”:

This may be old news to most people. You are probably saying, “yeah, yeah, I have seen that commercial a hundred times. What about it?” Well, here’s the thing about this $20-video-entry-made-big, it has caused a resurgence in the online community around “The Screaming Goat” MEME. A popular MEME for the past year on YouTube, Reddit, and Tumblr. At the end of this post you can see a list of music videos the goat has made it into!

The takeaway here is that sometimes the best ideas aren’t new, they aren’t budget busters, and they aren’t from anyone sitting at your round table. Crowdsourcing opens up your brand to a whole new brainstorming of ideas. Ideas that are connected into current meme trends. Ideas that, frankly, are a bit crazy. Crazy is good though! The brilliance of tapping into an internet meme like “scream goat” is that now Doritos is connected to that web of videos, and is not just a commercial for one spot on one Super Bowl Sunday, but a recurring impression upon the world at large.

Have you found any other hilarious “Goat Edition” music videos? Please share, along with your thoughts!